Sleeping Beauty: Table Of Contents

For your convenience, chapter stops have been placed at key sequences. By using your mouse, you can quickly go forward or backward, chapter by chapter.

Chapter 1/0: Opening Credits
Chapter 1/1: Gifts for the newborn princess Aurora
Chapter 1/2: Maleficent interrupts the celebration
Chapter 1/3: The Good Fairies devise a plan
Chapter 1/4: The wrath of Maleficent
Chapter 1/5: Flora, Fauna and Merryweather plan a party
Chapter 1/6: Prince Phillip hears a love song
Chapter 2/1: Aurora sings "I Wonder"
Chapter 2/2: Phillip and Aurora sing "Once Upon A Dream"
Chapter 2/3: King Stefan and King Hubert toast the future
Chapter 2/4: Maleficent mesmerizes the Princess
Chapter 3/1: The Good Fairies mourn Aurora's fate
Chapter 3/2: The kingdom slumbers
Chapter 3/3: Maleficent captures Prince Phillip
Chapter 3/4: Imprisoned at the Forbidden Mountain
Chapter 3/5: A harrowing escape!
Chapter 3/6: Prince Phillip confronts the evil dragon!
Chapter 3/7: Princess Aurora awakens
Chapter 3/8: "Once Upon A Dream" dance and reprise

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This Table of Contents uses the chapter indexing as on the 1987 CAV Laserdisc release. The first number is the side, the second one the chapter number.

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