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This is the homepage of the CORBA Components Assembly and Deployment Toolkit. It supplements MicoCCM, the MICO CORBA Component Project, which implements the CORBA Components specification. The purpose of the Assembly and Deployment Toolkit is to ease the assembling of components and their deployment. It consists of two separate programs, the Assembly Tool and the Deployment Tool.

The Assembly Tool is a comfortable, GUI-based program that reads components from CORBA Software Packages. The components and their ports are then visualized and can be configured and interconnected with few mouse clicks. The complete assembly is then be packaged into an assembly archive.

The Deployment Tool is a console program that reads assembly archives and deploys them onto any target host where a MicoCCM Daemon is running - even over the network. It then establishes the connections and configurations you set in the Assembly Tool. Deployment can thus happen automatically.


(Assembly Toolkit Screenshot)
The Assembly Tool configuring the Philosophers demo

Feature List


You can download the Assembly and Deployment Toolkit in a Unix or in a Windows version.

In either case, you need a working installation of MicoCCM to make use of both tools.


Download the Unix version as ccmtool-1.0.tar.gz (460 kB).

The following third-party packages are required on Unix. Please check your system; these are fairly common packages, and they might already be available. If not, please download and install them before running the Assembly and Deployment Toolkit.


Download the Windows version (Windows 95 and above) as (3168 kB).

This is a self-contained package that contains freestanding versions of both tools as well as a copy of Info-Zip's zip and unzip tools.

To install, use any unzip program (e.g. WinZip), and extract the package's contents into a new directory.


The Assembly and Deployment Toolkit depend on a number of pieces of Open Source software to do their job. The following list is for informational purposes only; these packages are included in the distribution, you don't need to download any of them. Think of this as the "credits" section.


The Assembly and Deployment Toolkit is distributed under the GPL license. Please read the file LICENSE that is included in the distribution.

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